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Veda chanting

Veda chanting has been declared by UNESCO as an intangible cultural heritage of humanity. 


Vedas are among the most ancient sacred texts of India and the world and they represent the highest expression of devotion. Originally revealed to ṛṣi's in meditation, they have been preserved and passed down orally for millennia.


Vedic mantras (=that which transcends the mind) are in Sanskrit and their sounds transmit transformative energy and vibrations. ​


The recitation of Vedic mantras offers several benefits:


  • On a physical level it has a regenerating effect and allows to excercize and harmonize the breathing

  • On a mental level it allows to acquire awareness, concentration, memory and clarity of mind.

  • On a spiritual level it allows personal growth and the disclosure of knowledge of the Self, also working on one's own Karma. ​


Thanks to my studies and training with Shantalah Sriramaiah of Veda Studies, I am able to transmit this practice with the method she created to make Veda chanting accessible even to total beginners.

I am currently giving classes in Italian, but I am available for private classes in English.

Invocations to Gaṇapati and Sarasvatī

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