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Hatha Yoga


Hatha yoga is the traditional yoga which originated from India and Tibet.

The term Hatha comes from two Sanskrit words Ha = Sun and Tha = Moon representing the polarities of our existance (ie male/female, body/soul, warm/cold, day/night etc.). A regular Hatha Yoga practice helps to harmonise these polarities and to reach physical and mental balance and deeper knowledge of our true nature.

My Hatha Yoga classes typically include the following practices: 

Āsana - postures

Āsana help the practitioner to  find stability, strength, discipline and flexibility both at physical and mental level and to remove energy blockages. Poses are held for a few breaths and are sequenced at a slow pace. 

Prāṇāyāma - breathing exercises 

These exercises help to become more conscious of our breath and vital energy (Prāṇa) and make us able to control them and to purify our energy channels. The way we breath is closely linked to our emotional status, so we can use the various types of Prāṇāyāma to obtain more calm or more vigour, depending on how we feel. 

Śavāsana - relaxation

Relaxation techniques are an important part of a Hatha Yoga class. They allow the practitioner to release tensions and to dive deeper into his/her awareness. Śavāsana or corpse pose is usually practiced at the end of the class and is considered the most difficult yoga pose, due to the difficulties encountered in letting go completely. 

Pratyāhāra / dhāraṇa - concentration

A few minutes of concentration usually open my classes to allow students to detach from the external world and focus on the "here and now". The goal of these practices is to bring mind and senses under control and to serve as a base for the practice of meditation (dhyana) and the reaching of higher states of consciousness.

Mantra - chanting

Mantra chanting creates vibrations which work on our physical and nervous systems on a suble level and connect us with universal energy. Mantra chanting also helps to improve concentration and breathing




Monday 18:45-20:00 at Villa Monguzzi - Biassono - in Italian

Wednesday at 18.45 - 19:45 in my little yoga room - Biassono - in Italian 


Tuesday 9:00-10:15 at Villa Monguzzi - Biassono - in Italian

Private classes on demand

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