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My name is Lucia Vimercati. I am Italian and I currently live in Brussels.

After working many years in sales and marketing for International Organizations, in particular in the travel and F&B sector, I decided to bring that phase of my life to an end.

Having always been passionate about yoga and healthy cooking, I decided to make a radical change in my studies, my working life and in my lifestyle in general.

Sharing with others what I learned and experimented on myself gives me great joy and allows me to learn more and more every day. I am available for Yoga classes, cookery lessons,  to assist with shopping and to organize and participate in yoga and cooking trips and retreats. 


In addition to Italian and English, I am fluent in German and French and I am happy to travel Worldwide.



I discovered yoga when I was a child and since 2004 I have been practising regularly at Centro Yoga Lila in Biassono (Italy) where in 2010 I completed my Yoga Teacher's Training and where, since the same year, I have been teaching my "Yoga in the kitchen" classes (a course in Ayurvedic, Macrobiotic and Vegan cuisine). In 2012 I started teaching Hatha Yoga and Meditation in Stuttgart (Germany) and offered my classes in various studios and organisations. In Brussels I  currently teach Hatha Yoga and Restorative Yoga at Serendip Spa & Yoga, Brussels Yoga Loft and in the offices of the European Union and I offer regular Hormone Yoga workshops in various studios.

My yoga style is a synthesis of my teacher's training inspired to the classic Sivananda tradition and my recent trainings in restorative yoga and hormone yoga and is influenced by my personal practice in various styles and with different Teachers. I strongly support continuous education by participating regularly in workshops and trainings and through encounters with Masters and lots of meditation.

I am grateful to my teachers Giancarlo Garofalo and Paola Romanoni of Yoga Lila, Mario Esposito and Susanne Breuer of Purna Yoga, Dinah Rodrigues, Adelene Cheong, Shantala Sriramaiah, Chitra Sukhu and to all the other teachers and students I met during my practice, for helping me to grow, through Yoga, as a person, student and teacher.


Trainings and main workshops:

2021 Chakra Illuminated (10 hours) - Christopher Wallis

2020 Supporting Pregnant women in a regular class (5 hours) - Yoga Campus

2019 Yoga Nidra Teachers Training (24 hours) - Chitra Sukhu 

2018-2020 (in progress) Vedic Chanting with Shantala Sriramaiah and Radha Sundararajan

2018-2020 Yoga Sutra with Shantala Sriramaiah

2019 Katha Upanishad - Discover Vedanta

2019 Experiential anatomy (50 hours) - Lasater Yoga/Mary Richards

2018 Backcare experiential anatomy (30 hours) - Lasater Yoga/Mary Richards

2018 The vision of Bhagavad Gita - Discover Vedanta

2017 Vedic Chanting with Menaka Desikachar

2017 Relax and Restore Teachers Training with Adelene Cheong (36 hours)– Radiant Light Yoga - Brussels

2016 Teachers intensive with Ann Ashby – BYP - Brussels

2015 Nada and Mantra Yoga with Ram Vakkalanka – Inspiration - Brussels

2015 Hormone Yoga Teacher Training (60 hours) - Dinah Rodriguez

2014 Teacher Training - Yoga and singing bowls (27 hours) – Lotusherz-  Stuttgart

2014 Intuitive holistic massage (80 hours) – Susanne Breuer – Stuttgart

2014 Nada and Mantra Yoga with Sundaram – Yoga Vidya – Stuttgart

2014 Overtone singing - Lev. 1 with Ulrike Semmelrock, Stuttgart

2006-2010 Hatha Yoga Teachers Training   (500 hours) –Yoga Lila – Monza


Cooking has always been relaxing for me: working with the ingredients, using their shapes and colours and thinking of unusual combinations, makes me feel good and allows me to express my creativity.

I consider food as nourishment both for the physical body and the soul. I cook my recipes in harmony with nature, with a special eye to health, but never at the expense of taste. Already for many years I have been preparing dishes that contain no ingredients of animal origin, sugar or industrial products and I only use ingredients which are organic, seasonal and local. I have given my classes at Yoga Lila in Italy, at Volskshochschule in Stuttgart and various yoga studios in Brussels.

Trainings and main workshops:

2014 Raw cooking with Vito Cortese – Nudo & Crudo – Milan

2014 Raw cooking and food styling – Daniela Cicioni Chef/Roberta Restelli Food Styling - Milan

2013 Ayurvedic cook training with Leela Mata (81 hours) – Yoga Vidya – Bad Meinberg

2012-2014 Internship in the kitchen of  Coox and Candy (Vegan restaurant) - Stuttgart

2011-2012 Macrobiotic cook training (200 hours) – La Sana Gola – Milan

2011-2012 Macro-bio-vegan Food therapist training (200 hours) – La Sana Gola – Milan

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