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Restorative Yoga


“Rest” is vital for our health, however in our modern society we overlook the importance of “slowing down” and only “performance and results” seem to count. We have lost the skill to relax and regenerate and more people suffer of burnouts.


Through the activation of the parasympathetic nervous system, restorative yoga helps to reduce chronic stress and the effects of stress-related diseases. It works to bring us in harmony with nature and back to our natural rhythms and listen to our inner voice.


The use of bolsters, blocks, blankets and pillows to support our body and release tensions, both at the physical, mental and emotional level, helps the body to express freedom and to get totally into the pose without any effort and find peace and ease into conscious relaxation. The restorative yoga pose becomes then a tool for self-exploration, self-transformation and reflection.


Restorative yoga  helps to quiet the brain, slows the heart rate, improves your sleep,  heals the body by supporting your immune system and by bringing your blood pressure and cortisol levels in balance and restores vibrant energy. After practicing restorative yoga you will feel totally rejuvenated.


Classes and workshops

I am currently only giving private classes in English. Please contact me for more information


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