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Tofu Scallops

400 g tofu

Soya sauce (enough to cover the scallops)

2 tablespoons maple syrup


Extra virgin olive oil

Cut the tofu in half lengthwise and using a round cutter obtain some scallops shaped disks. With a knife draw a X on their surface and marinate them in soya sauce and maple syrup for about 30 minutes. Remove them from the marinade and dry them with kitchen paper. In a pan heat a couple of tablespoons olive oil with a pinch of assafetida and sauté the tofu scallops until golden on both sides. Serve them with vegetables or seaweed or with linguine. I served them on a basil pesto and with salicornia, mushrooms, a flour tuile and a pan fried dulse seaweed

tofu scallops 2019.jpg
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