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Speculoos tiramisu

Not the healthiest dessert, I know, but it's Christmas time....everything is allowed!

Speculoos (or Spekulatius in German) are the spiced cookies of St. Nikolaus. In Belgium you can find them all year around, in Germany they appear on Supermarket shelves in October and disappear as soon as St. Nikolaus comes. Unfortunately they are vegan, I say unfortunately because they are like a drug and I could eat tons! Most commercial brands contain palm oil, so make sure you find some without this ingredient, maybe in organic shops.


500 g speculoos

500 ml vegan whipping cream

250 g vegan vanilla pudding

250 ml cold espresso

Whip the cream, add the pudding and continue to whip. Dip approximately 10 speculoos in the coffee and add them to the cream and mix/whip until they dissolve in the cream. Set the cream aside. Take another 8-10 speculoos, reduce them to crumbs with a rolling pin and set aside. Proceed to the composing of the Tiramisu: in a form, spread some of the cream, then dip the cookies one at a time in the coffee and make the first layer. Spread abundant cream on the whole surface and then cover with another layer of cookies. Continue until you have used all ingredients, finishing with the cream. Take the speculoos crumbs and cover the whole surface. If you prefer, instead of using a form, you can make single portions in a glass. Refrigerate for at least 30 minutes before serving

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